Bob Trammell Earns GAE Endorsement

Dear Representative Trammell:

We are pleased to notify you that the Georgia Association of Educators Fund for Public Education Committee (GAE-FPE) has endorsed your candidacy for the Georgia General Assembly. Educators and other school employees in your district will be made aware of your endorsement and urged to support your candidacy.

GAE is recommending your candidacy, based in part, because of your support of:

  • Ensuring all children have 180 days of instructional time
  • Lowering maximum class size
  • Maximizing student learning and minimizing high-stakes testing
  • Fully funding public schools
  • Securing safe public schools and
  • Ensuring all education funding is restricted to public schools and programs

The Association thanks you for your continued support of public education and willingness to stand with us on quality education reforms.

Best wishes for a successful campaign, and we look forward to working with you in the future.


Charlotte Booker, President

Georgia Association of Educators

adminBob Trammell Earns GAE Endorsement